Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Elder Hoopes primero semana en MTC

So being a missionary has been pretty cool, I love it here. Somehow the week has flown by. This next week will be even more exciting. the first presidency arrived on the campus for Mission President training and we will be priveleged to have a general authority and mission president teach our class. So things are pretty awesome and I've felt the spirit so strong.

I know the gift of tongues is real. Ive only been thinking in spanish and I've only been here a week. Spanish is so fun. I can teach lessons in it too. we have taught 5 lessons so far. they've all been in spanish. we committed a guy to baptism and all this is like a practice course, the spirit that was felt in the preparation was real.

Jorge was the name of our first mock investigator. We taught our first lesson 3 days into being here. My companion and I, whose name is Elder Christensen, prayed so earnestly to know what to teach. we had come across a point in our lesson were we wanted him to be baptised but were unclear whether or not it was right. so we decided that it would be best to pray. we decided that we would offer a prayer, sit and feel what was right, then, on the count of 3 we would say yes or no. so it required not only a strong amount of faith on our part to receive answer, but it also required faith to trust that my companion would receive the same confirmation. So we prayed and offered the desire of our hearts then sat. I felt a powerful, strong, and probably best description as warm fuzzies in my heart, and then thought, what if my companero doesn't receive the same confirmation. so I counted 1...2...3.. and yes. with that single word, I felt and learned of the confirming witness of the Holy Ghost. I know that he can confirm and witness of truth and taught me that my prayers will be answered. the experience taught me that we can pray and will be heard. This last week has been full of experiences like these were my companion and I have prayed and received multiple confirmations. On Sunday we had a devotional and i was able to feel the confirming witness in my heart that what im doing is right. in the devotional elder bednar said,"The savior turns out, while the natural man turns in." so the question has been on my mind, why do i turn in when the savior only ever turned out. 

And that is my purpose. Invitar a las personas a venir JesusCristo. Yo se es la verdad.

So please email me. I love hearing from everyone. 

Love Elder Hoopes.

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