Monday, January 25, 2016


One of the highlights of the week was the chance we almost had to hear a world wide training seminar from the apostles if we hadn´t lost power. We heard the first speaker and the last speaker. It was still super good. It was a fun expirence. And then my companion and I went two for two by spilling juice again; second week in a row, at the same members house. It was very embarrassing having it happen a second time. Luckily she is very nice and let us help clean it up.

Well there is this place called Grido Heladeria. Its an ice cream parlor. So we usually buy ice cream because it is super cheap and really nice place. Well, my companion wanted to buy a flavor called "Blanco Alfajor." So he asked the worker and said, "Blanco Alfajor" He said it without any problem or error in pronounciation. He was really really clear to understanjd as well.  Well the worker asked again. He said literally the same thing, " Blanco Alfajor" She still didn´t understand. So the worker then asked me what he wanted. So I responded "Blanco Alfajor," literally the same exact way he said it. But then she is like, "OOOOOHHHH that makes more sense." Well standing next to my companion was this woman. She was just looking at him while he was ordering. She then says to him, "Your spanish is really bad" BUT IN ENGLISH!!!! It was so funny!!!! This little lady was bashing on his spanish in english it was pretty funny. haha. So we haven´t bought ice cream from Gridos this week. haha It was so funny.

This week at church we had 40 people come!!!! It was awesome! And 10 of the 40 people weren´t members. It was awesome. It was great being able to lead the meeting and seeing all the people. It was great.

Anyway, I´m doing good and just enjoying the mission.

Master Jedi 
Elder Hoopes

Monday, January 18, 2016

Another week in Argentina

Well this week was super interesting. We finally finished working with our dueno (landlord) to repair all the things in our pension (apartment) and we finished finalizing our contract for the pension as well. It wasn't hard but it just took a lot of time. This week we also found a bunch of baby parakeets and took pictures with them. That was really fun. 

Our work this week was good too. During a lesson this week my companion was sitting in a type of Argentine strung rocking chair. Well it was already a little broken and when he leaned a  little,  gravity won and he fell! It was hilarious. He also spilled a pitcher of soda during a lunch as well. He is a super fun and kinda goofy. But me and him get along really well. It is just really fun. 

I love working here.  I'm working really hard. We have some great people right now who we are visiting with. One of them is named Natalia. Her husband is in the gendarmería (border police). He works 6 months in Buenos Aires and is off 6 months.  Well he finally returned to Buenos Aires this week and it was really sad. But we are super excited for her because she is super nice and wants to learn. 

Argentina is super crazy, fun, and just a great experience. I love it here.

Elder Hoopes

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


The power has been out a lot and we haven't been able to write the last few days, so yeah. But it's all good. I ended up staying in Clorinda for this transfer. I've been in Clorinda for almost three months and will stay for another month and a half. My companion is from Arizona and he is super fun. He is a super cowboy, and a great guy. In terms of this last week, it has been pretty fun. Elder Willard had a birthday so we got cakes from several people and ordered several pizzas and had a fun little party. It's still heating up and the humidity is still super strong.

The work here has been going really well. We have a lot of people that like to listen to us. We are working a lot with this lady named Natalia who is a seamstress.And its a good thing we found her because this last week a hermana in the rama washed our clothes and 3 pairs of my pants were with these clothes. Sadly, they shrunk really badly and I had to remove the hems of the pants to even get close to making them look normal. But its all good because she is helping us, she assisted (that means attended) church last week and she is planning on getting baptized. SO it is really nice that she can help me. She is super cool. We are really excited for her.

Other than that goofy story and her service for me, I don't really know what else to share. I just really like it here. I love everyday. We have ups and downs and all sorts of adventures. Literally, I'm having so much fun. I love my mission.

Elder Hoopes

This is Elder Isaacson my new companion. He's from St Johns, Arizona

Monday, January 4, 2016

The Middle Year

I have officially entered the year in which I will neither come nor go in the mission. It is super exciting. NEW YEARS was like WWIII with all the fireworks, but other than that, everything else was kinda anti-climatic. I was doing my tramites (legal paperwork, visa related), which is essentially a form of legalization for me in which I had to do in another province. SO literally I have not done anything this week. I was traveling, and traveling and then had new years. Its been really sad because I like to work and we did nothing. 

BUT in terms of the work we have been doing, We have a family that is progressing a lot. They wanted to get married and be baptized. My companion and I have got all the paper work, but at the last minute, they couldn't get to church and so now we have to put a hold on everything. But they are super super cool.

Aside from that. We have transfers next week so we will see how that goes and I´m super excited to see what happens. I love you all.

Love Elder Hoopes