Monday, August 29, 2016


So this morning I left for my new area. I`m with a Latino. His name is Elder Salasmora.  He is from Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. He is awesome!!!!  We are also in one of the prettiest areas as well. our new area se llama La Costañera. It is in the province of Corrientes. It is a part of the city Corrientes, the provinicial capital of Corrientes. I`m super excited to be here. After being in the office for so long, I`m really excited to get out everyday and walk, work, teach, and have fun!!! 

I`m super happy to be here and I love being a missionary.

Elder Hoopes

 aqui abajo esta un foto de mi y mi companero

Friday, August 26, 2016


Well I still haven´t left the office yet... IT IS SO AGONISING. Why is it agonising? because for the last week I have been told that I leave this monday to my area but I have no idea where my new area is, so for this last week I have only thought about where I´m going. It is killing me. So this takes me to my next point, I´M WRITING MONDAY FROM NOW ON!!!!!!! SO WIRTE ME MONDAY!!!!! 

For me this last week has been very relaxing as well aside from the new area thingy. My companion has learned everything, I have packed my bags, and now I just wait until I get sent out, it is very nice.

I´m very excited to go back out. PLEASE write me monday!

Elder Hoopes
Here are pictures of me and people from our ward that I really love. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Training Week

This week has been super chill. It was super chill due to the fact that I am training and have been able to delegate/ train my companion on how to do everything. Sometimes it is weird because I have done everything so regularly that when I´m not doing it, it is awkward. I still don´t know when I´m leaving or where I´m going but it doesn´t bother me that I still don´t know. But overall it has been a very nice week. I love you all. 


The foto is me and my companion that I´m training. the other foto is of our family. My trainer, my trainer´s trainer, and my son

Friday, August 12, 2016

my second quad companionship

So last week I talked about how I got my trainer as my companion AGAIN. Well this week, President told me that he needed me to go back out to the field, so I´m training my replacement so I can go out as soon as possible. President told me that I´d be here for 5 weeks but that could change and we´ll see what happens. I´m super excited. I don´t know where I´m going but it´ll be fun! So this week was really interesting. I´m in a companionship of 4 now. For the second time!!! It is so much fun!!! Being in a companionship of four is fun because it is like having your best friends always. We just move around in our little squad all the time and it is a ton of fun. I really like it a lot! The mission is awesome! 

Have fun!! 


Friday, August 5, 2016

I have another companion, but not a new one.

So this last week was super FUN!!!!! I loved it so much! It was transfers. It was so hectic, long, and fun. I got another companion, but he has already been my companion. Elder Higuera, my trainer, is replacing my current companion as the financial secretary so we are companions again. It is so much fun. Literally have my two favourite companions at the same time.I´m super excited for this transfer because well, I´m with my best friends here. 

I also really loved transfers because I got to coordinate the movement from the terminals to terminals. Usually, I make the lists of buses and schedules and send them to the zone leaders and let them coordinate from the terminal but they usually get confused.... BUT since I made the schedule and lists, I went to the terminal and played "air traffic controler" and moved everyone from bus to bus and called the other provinces to advise them of the transfers of the elders. It was so much fun. Actually it was super chaotic but to me it was fun to me. 

I wish I could tell you all about how much I love it here and how much fun I am having. But I´m doing great!!! 

Elder Hoopes
Misión Argentina Resistencia