Monday, October 3, 2016

Conference Weekend

I loved conference. It was such a great experience! We got to listen to it in English and it was so relaxing. I really loved the quote "Be ambitious for Christ." I just think of it when I`m in the street and it makes me want to talk to literally everyone. It is such a cool phrase! I love it. This week we also had the opportuntiy to visit a small town about two hours away called Las Toscas. The whole city smelt really bad but it was okay haha. It was a great visit. Not to much else happened this week. I got rained on pretty hardcore and we walked a lot but it wasn`t anything out of the usual. The week flew by!!! I honestly love being a missionary! Have a great week and "Be ambitious for Christ." 

Elder Hoopes

Monday, September 26, 2016


This week was very good. We worked a lot and we diferently had some problems. Our two biggest problems were our fridge and bathroom. They both broke. So it was a little frustrating. But other than that we are doing great. I absolutely love it here. Our area is so cool!!! There is this race track that is in the middle of our area and we always cross it to cut back on time and to cross the area faster, This week they were racing and it was really cool to walk by and see on the way out to work. So our area is really cool. 

The work is great too! The people are so accepting! we found a lot of new people this last week. We have a lot of people preparing for baptism and we are really praying that they will follow through! 

I`m doing great! 
Elder Hoopes 

Me on the race track and my comp on his first day!

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Avellaneda

My new area is so cool!!! It could literally be a little slice of America. The place is super clean, there are street directions, paved roads, everything!!! It is awesome!!! The  area is cool too!!! There is a super rich neighboorhood where their houses lead to an a little runway and this last week they had an airshow!!! So for two days, we could see airplanes doing rolls and loops and people parachuting! It was so cool! The town is super small so it didn`t matter where we where, we could see the airshow. It honestly was a huge distraction but I`m very proud that I maintained focus the two days. 

My companion is pretty cool. Sorry I don`t have a picture. We are working on getting a good one. He is from texas and we get along great!! He loves baseballl and essentially is another brother now. He has an accent and it is pretty cool. I`ll send a picture when we get a good one. 

Seeing that we where white washed to our area, we had no clue one where to go or what to do. The Lord has truly put people in our path to help us. On our first day in our new area some people who had been taking the lessons approched us and let us know that they had been meeting with the missionaries. Then some members did the same and helped us to get to know the area as well. It was cool to see all the direction and help we recieved. I definitley know the Lord is helping us.

Elder Hoopes

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Transferred Again

So this week I got transfered again. I`m kinda sad because I really love it here! This area is so pretty. My new area is in the province of Santa Fe. It is a little town called Avelleneda. I`m training a new missionary so I still don`t know my new companion but I will meet him tomorrow. It is very exciting. This will be my second time training in a new area. I`m super excited. Santa Fe is pretty, so we`ll see what is like this week. 

This last week has been a great week here in Corrientes. It was an awesome week of work. We walked soooo much!!! And I actually love walking so it was really fun haha. We have been teaching a man who is probably 50 years old. He is from a very poor area of corrientes. He has been struggling with drinking and smoking and we have been helping him to overcome these problems. This last sunday he came to church! I have not seen anyone changed so much by the gospel. In the two weeks I met with he has gone from smoking and drinking and being near the point of death to walking an hour to church! It is incredible. He walked an hour to church! it was incredible to see how much his life has changed from the gospel. I`m going to miss him but the mission goes on.

I love it here. Up till this point in my mission I have had 7 areas and soon to have my 14 companion! I`m super Excited.  This week we had a service project to help some people so I was basically dora the explorer all day. (it`s the foto) haha 

Have a great week. 

Elder Hoopes

Monday, September 5, 2016

A lovely week

This week has been so muh fun!!! being in the office made me forget how much fun it is to walk and walk and walk haha. I absolutely love it. I`m definitely in one of the prettiest places in the mission. It was awesome stepping out of church on sunday and seeing the riverside. It was super pretty!! This week has been super cold. I love it! And in terms of work we are machines!!!! haha we have been contacting so many people and it has been paying off. My companion is awesome. He is from southern argentina and he just wants to work. We get along great!!! Honestly i`m just super happy.

I really have seen a grand change in my life. I feel so happy and feel so strong. I don`t know if it`s cause I been working out more or because I have really found strength in the gospel. I would say it is the later. I think one thing that I have seen in the mission is the great sense of happiness that comes with the atonement of Jesucristo. The albility to change and be better is really the best part. I love the mission. It has been incredible.


Monday, August 29, 2016


So this morning I left for my new area. I`m with a Latino. His name is Elder Salasmora.  He is from Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. He is awesome!!!!  We are also in one of the prettiest areas as well. our new area se llama La Costañera. It is in the province of Corrientes. It is a part of the city Corrientes, the provinicial capital of Corrientes. I`m super excited to be here. After being in the office for so long, I`m really excited to get out everyday and walk, work, teach, and have fun!!! 

I`m super happy to be here and I love being a missionary.

Elder Hoopes

 aqui abajo esta un foto de mi y mi companero

Friday, August 26, 2016


Well I still haven´t left the office yet... IT IS SO AGONISING. Why is it agonising? because for the last week I have been told that I leave this monday to my area but I have no idea where my new area is, so for this last week I have only thought about where I´m going. It is killing me. So this takes me to my next point, I´M WRITING MONDAY FROM NOW ON!!!!!!! SO WIRTE ME MONDAY!!!!! 

For me this last week has been very relaxing as well aside from the new area thingy. My companion has learned everything, I have packed my bags, and now I just wait until I get sent out, it is very nice.

I´m very excited to go back out. PLEASE write me monday!

Elder Hoopes
Here are pictures of me and people from our ward that I really love.