Monday, September 5, 2016

A lovely week

This week has been so muh fun!!! being in the office made me forget how much fun it is to walk and walk and walk haha. I absolutely love it. I`m definitely in one of the prettiest places in the mission. It was awesome stepping out of church on sunday and seeing the riverside. It was super pretty!! This week has been super cold. I love it! And in terms of work we are machines!!!! haha we have been contacting so many people and it has been paying off. My companion is awesome. He is from southern argentina and he just wants to work. We get along great!!! Honestly i`m just super happy.

I really have seen a grand change in my life. I feel so happy and feel so strong. I don`t know if it`s cause I been working out more or because I have really found strength in the gospel. I would say it is the later. I think one thing that I have seen in the mission is the great sense of happiness that comes with the atonement of Jesucristo. The albility to change and be better is really the best part. I love the mission. It has been incredible.


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