Monday, September 19, 2016

The Avellaneda

My new area is so cool!!! It could literally be a little slice of America. The place is super clean, there are street directions, paved roads, everything!!! It is awesome!!! The  area is cool too!!! There is a super rich neighboorhood where their houses lead to an a little runway and this last week they had an airshow!!! So for two days, we could see airplanes doing rolls and loops and people parachuting! It was so cool! The town is super small so it didn`t matter where we where, we could see the airshow. It honestly was a huge distraction but I`m very proud that I maintained focus the two days. 

My companion is pretty cool. Sorry I don`t have a picture. We are working on getting a good one. He is from texas and we get along great!! He loves baseballl and essentially is another brother now. He has an accent and it is pretty cool. I`ll send a picture when we get a good one. 

Seeing that we where white washed to our area, we had no clue one where to go or what to do. The Lord has truly put people in our path to help us. On our first day in our new area some people who had been taking the lessons approched us and let us know that they had been meeting with the missionaries. Then some members did the same and helped us to get to know the area as well. It was cool to see all the direction and help we recieved. I definitley know the Lord is helping us.

Elder Hoopes

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