Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Transferred Again

So this week I got transfered again. I`m kinda sad because I really love it here! This area is so pretty. My new area is in the province of Santa Fe. It is a little town called Avelleneda. I`m training a new missionary so I still don`t know my new companion but I will meet him tomorrow. It is very exciting. This will be my second time training in a new area. I`m super excited. Santa Fe is pretty, so we`ll see what is like this week. 

This last week has been a great week here in Corrientes. It was an awesome week of work. We walked soooo much!!! And I actually love walking so it was really fun haha. We have been teaching a man who is probably 50 years old. He is from a very poor area of corrientes. He has been struggling with drinking and smoking and we have been helping him to overcome these problems. This last sunday he came to church! I have not seen anyone changed so much by the gospel. In the two weeks I met with he has gone from smoking and drinking and being near the point of death to walking an hour to church! It is incredible. He walked an hour to church! it was incredible to see how much his life has changed from the gospel. I`m going to miss him but the mission goes on.

I love it here. Up till this point in my mission I have had 7 areas and soon to have my 14 companion! I`m super Excited.  This week we had a service project to help some people so I was basically dora the explorer all day. (it`s the foto) haha 

Have a great week. 

Elder Hoopes

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