Friday, July 29, 2016

Last week of the transfers

SO this was the last week before the transfer. I honestly thought it would be way more hectic,but it wasn´t. It was really nice. We were able to get out and teach this week. We didn´t get out everyday like we wanted It seemed like when ever we were about to go out, something came up so we couldn´t, but nonetheless we still got out a few of the days and when we did, we were able to teach. It was awesome. 

Last week I talked about how Elder Stout and I had taught a lesson where the discussion was very good, united, and spiritual. I guess the lesson left an impression on the family because the husband came to church!!! It was awesome! Then by coincidence (which I don´t think it was coincidence) his friend at work turned out to be in our ward and they were able to talk and have a good experience. So that was a super nice part about the week.

Honestly, I wish I had more to share but if I shared about things in the office, I don´t what I would say or what I want to say, it´s either boring or confidential. BUT this next week will be super fun. So I´ll share more then. 

Elder Hoopes

Misión Argentina Resistencia

Friday, July 22, 2016

The calm before the storm...

This week has definitely been the calmest week ever in my mission. Literally nothing happened. President and the assistants where gone for the majority of the week and it was basically just preparations for next week. We got to our area a lot and had some great lessons. It was super cool because during one of the lessons we had a devote member of the evanglical church sitting in on our lesson and railing on us with questions. It was super cool to see the responses we were giving and the unity in our responses that we gave. The lesson wasn´t a bible bash, fight, or argument. The whole lesson was like a dissection of every little belief in what we taught. It was super cool. I gained a ton of respect for  my companion as a teacher. We left the lesson with complete confidence and peace that there was no doubt in what we taught was true. It was a great teaching experience. 

Well as my subject title indicates, the calm before the storm, next week is transfers.... 😵 or in other weeks, complete and absolute chaos. But it won´t be as bad as last time  because transfer day isn´t a holiday this next week and I have made more plans as to be more prepared for the changes. I have been working all last transfer long as to complete all the necessary tasks and busy work as to be on top of the ball. SO I hope that this goes better.

Anyway I´m doing great and just enjoying the mission. This week marks one year since I made it Argentina. It kinda makes me sad to be honest. Not sad that I have to be here another year but sad that I only have a year left. I have really come to love being here. Not as much as the physical location as here but here as in being a missionary. Being able to serve to, to teach, and to just have all these adventures. 

Sorry I didn´t get any pictures...nothing happened to take pictures of. haha Next week,,, maybe.. 


Mision Argentina Resistencia

Friday, July 15, 2016

A week without President´s cell phone

So this week our president took a trip to visit the most north area in the mission. The village is called Portrillo. It is a little Indian tribe that is in the middle of nowhere. It is a 10 hour drive to get to this little village and our president didn´t have the phone. It was an interesting situation we found ourselves in. We had to make a lot of the executive decisions then explain them to him later. LUCKILY the mission didn´t fall apart. 

But because President was gone with the assistants, we where spread thin in our work causing us to work in other positions where we normally wouldn´t work. It was interesting. I got to help doing the tramites. I essentially took some missionaries to go get legal to help one of the other secretaries. It was pretty fun. 

We were able to get out this week and we found some great people. I´m super excited to see what happens with them. This week was super chill and I´m really excited for the next few weeks because we will be able to get out and work in our area more. 

Anyway I´m doing great.

Elder Hooeps

Friday, July 8, 2016


This last week was pretty fun and busy! I don´t even know where to begin! I´ll begin with the 4th of July!!!  We of coursed played patriotic music every second of the day but the best part was definitely McDonald's. We were in a normal weekly correlation meeting with President Franco and he was like "field trip to McDonald's, the most American thing we can do here." so we took a field trip to Corrientes, the neighbouring province and had lunch!!! It was awesome!!! It is the only McDonald´s here and it was great!!! That turned out to be the first of the three times I would visit Mcdonald´s this week. Now you might think, why is McDonald´s so important, well after not having american food for a little bit, McDonald´s is incredible. So I went two more times because of the tramites. Being that we are here on visas, We have to be legalised every so often. Well this last week we were super occupied and I had to go to Corrientes to help. Which entailed McDonald´s. haha so that was super fun being able to travel a lot this week. What made this week busy was the amount of phone calls I have had to make. I´m pretty sure I have never made so many phone calls in my life. The branches are reporting their normal quarterly reports as to show the changes that have occurred in the last three months. Well I got to call ALL of the branches to begin the collection of this reports. It was a lot of phone calls.

Anyway, this week was great. I definitely got fatter.


Elder Hoopes

Friday, July 1, 2016

Super tranquilo week

So this week was a great respite from the transfers last week. It was a great time to get reorganised and start anew. Nothing super crazy happened administratively but out in our area we had two cool experiences. 

The first experience happened Saturday. We were walking out to our area like always when I felt tthe impression to go visit a person that we had previously been visiting. She had already told us that she wasn´t really interested but nonetheless we decided to follow the prompting to go visit her. We followed the prompting in hopes that she had a change of heart, that there was a reason we needed to be in the area, or that there was someone in that area that needed our help. Well, we arrived at her house and she declined our visit BUT we went and visited a recently reactivated member close by and she told us that she had been needing help and we showed up. It was awesome! It was cool to be used as an instrument to go and help someone in need. 

The other cool experience is how someone helped us. We had received a reference to house that is literally in the boonies of resistencia. So we prayed for direction and help to find the house and started the long walk out to contact the house. As we we getting close to the area, a member from the ward was walking by and called out to us. He asked where we were going and he gladly accompanied us. The house ended up being in a further location than what we thought and if it wasn´t for the member who showed up, we would of never found this reference. It was cool to see an answer to a prayer.  

It was a great week and an awesome testimony builder. To see how the Lord will answer prayers through ones own decisions and through others assistance. 

I´m pretty sad Argentina lost the finals AGAIN! In the same way! Literally Messi´s kick could of taken them to the moon it was so high off. Anyway, I´m doing great and really love it here. I love being used as an instrument in the hand of the Lord to bless others. 

Have a great day. 

Elder Hoopes