Friday, July 1, 2016

Super tranquilo week

So this week was a great respite from the transfers last week. It was a great time to get reorganised and start anew. Nothing super crazy happened administratively but out in our area we had two cool experiences. 

The first experience happened Saturday. We were walking out to our area like always when I felt tthe impression to go visit a person that we had previously been visiting. She had already told us that she wasn´t really interested but nonetheless we decided to follow the prompting to go visit her. We followed the prompting in hopes that she had a change of heart, that there was a reason we needed to be in the area, or that there was someone in that area that needed our help. Well, we arrived at her house and she declined our visit BUT we went and visited a recently reactivated member close by and she told us that she had been needing help and we showed up. It was awesome! It was cool to be used as an instrument to go and help someone in need. 

The other cool experience is how someone helped us. We had received a reference to house that is literally in the boonies of resistencia. So we prayed for direction and help to find the house and started the long walk out to contact the house. As we we getting close to the area, a member from the ward was walking by and called out to us. He asked where we were going and he gladly accompanied us. The house ended up being in a further location than what we thought and if it wasn´t for the member who showed up, we would of never found this reference. It was cool to see an answer to a prayer.  

It was a great week and an awesome testimony builder. To see how the Lord will answer prayers through ones own decisions and through others assistance. 

I´m pretty sad Argentina lost the finals AGAIN! In the same way! Literally Messi´s kick could of taken them to the moon it was so high off. Anyway, I´m doing great and really love it here. I love being used as an instrument in the hand of the Lord to bless others. 

Have a great day. 

Elder Hoopes 

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