Friday, June 24, 2016

Transfer Week!

Well this week was pretty crazy!!!! Transfers turned out to be super loco! Where do I even begin. I feel bad because we weren´t able to get out and visit people but it was really busy.

I´ll begin with the nuevos. Starting with the americans from the USA. Their flight had been delayed from Salt lake City to Atlanta due to some mechanical malfunctions. And because of this they missed their flight from Atlanta to Buenos Aires. Well at the same time, the Brazil MTC sent the new brazilians to Buenos Aires but had some miscommunication in arranging someone to be there to help move the missionaries. So in this great mix up of flights and confusion. The brazilians, and the new missionaries from the states both missed their flights here to Resistencia. Then due to passport issues, the Brazilians got even more delayed!! So we had three different groups of missionaries coming at three different times between two days. So that was one huge aspect of transfers that was pretty busy. Trying to keep count of where all the news where, their arrival times, where they will be serving and just all that jazz.

Then along with those complications, we had transfers. We had fairly large displacement of missionaries. That in of itself wasn´t stressful, what was stressful was that the transfer fell on a holiday. It was hard because some buses that we were planning to use were either filled, or didn´t show up at all. And all the buses we called to confirm the night before, weren´t showing up either! It was literally as if if the schedule was a recommendation and it was luck if you could even catch the bus you were looking for. It was crazy!! We had to make a trip to Corrientes, the capital of the neighbouring province, the same day as to try to fix problems. That we were encountering due to all of the complications. 

Then with the missionaries going home, due to sheer quantity of people was fairly difficult. We had to move luggage all day. We had wake up super early at 03:00 in the morning to take them all to the airport then stay up work all day. We then would finish working all day and go to bed at 11ish after picking up the first group of nuevos.

It just turned out to be a very long hard week. But I didn´t die so that is great!!!! I loved the package I got this week and I´ll send pictures!! 

Elder Hoopes

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