Monday, September 28, 2015

A New Week

This week was kinda typical. We traveled and visited members like always so nothing new happening there. We finally got our pump fixed in the pension so now we have running water. Up to this point we have been using the well which also was very very low with water so that´s fixed. We also got the lights fixed in the branch house. Every sunday we have been opening every window for light, but it is fixed now so that is another good thing that happened this week. We also gave back our bikes so I don´t get to ride a bike anymore. Kinda sad about that. But anyway.

We are literally just always traveling and making visits to members. We had divisions this week and also had a meeting for branch presidents for 3 hours but other than that, this its pretty much the same work.

I did get some fun photos this week. The pig was delicious and the dog is timmy. Timmy and I are best buds. She loves to play fetch. So whenever we stop by, we play fetch. And as you can tell by the photo, she is very focused. 

Thanks for all of your support!
Elder Hoopes

Monday, September 21, 2015


So I´m having a great time. We travel a lot! My area isn´t just one town, but multiple. So I want to share how much we travel. On mondays, we travel to the main city, Saenz Peña and return for P-day. The following day we spend in Campo Largo making visits, (on the bikes) then on Wednesday we travel to Corzuela for the whole day. Thursday and Friday is split betweeen the towns of Corzuela and Campo Largo. Then Saturday we travel like crazy. We travel to a Pampo del Infierno and then travel to Avia Terai then Campo Largo. Most of the towns except Saenz Peña are like thatcher. And the longest distance we travel is about two hours. We work in Corzuela a lot because it has the second largest amount of members that we need to visit. As for Avai Terai and Pampa, In total the two towns have 5 members but for the whole day is almost four hours of travel. Sin embargo, I love it here. It is way different than normal mission work. We visit members, take tithings, and do stuff that a typical Branch presidency would do because we are the branch presdency. Nothing really new or wow going on, but it´s just a great place. 

The solo aspect about Campo that is annoying is the dogs. We kinda live in the outskirts of the town, so there are a lot of dogs. Not as many as in Formosa, but the problem is, around 4 in the morning, every morning, without fail, ALL of the dogs just bark for one reason or another. It is literally a choir of dogs. It´s terrible. Other than that, I´m great.

 My companion and I get along well and my spanish is coming a long really well and I am the only gringo in our zone. So that is really fun.

Unlike Formosa where I felt like something crazy always happened during the week, nothing crazy happens here. I mean one of the members we visit has 11 dogs, 5 pigs 4 cats and chickens so it is like a zoo and thats interesting. And we just had elections so the whole town was in a uproar about something or other but that´s literally the craziest thing that has happened this week. And I have an awesome new tan but it isn´t worthy of an awesome story. 

Anyway. I´m doing great.

Love Elder Hoopes

Monday, September 14, 2015

Campo Largo

So I really like it here. Campo largo is just super tranquil. It is just so peaceful and I like it. It is a lot like Mesa. Just more dogs, more dirt roads, and more motorcycles. And it isn´t just Campo Largo that is like this, the other three towns we have are just like it too. The whole area is like a gila valley feel. I love the work we are doing to. In Formosa, we were more of proselyting, teaching, and looking for people. Here in this area, because we are the branch presidency, we visit the members. We still have investigators but we focus on our cute little branch. It´s so much fun too. Our members aren´t solely in Campo Largo but in the other 3 surrounding towns. So we get to travel every other day to another town and go on visits to the members. It´s so much fun. And in campo largo tambien, is to big to walk everywhere so we get bikes! So it´s just fun. My pension isn´t bad. The only problem, like always, is the water.  The pump for the water is broken so we have to use well in our back yard which is nasty. We use it for anything that needs waterm: shower, cooking, bathroom, cleaning, anything that uses water, we have to use the well, and it isn´t fun. But other than that the pension is pretty awesome!!!!

So my latino brothers are awesome. It isnt as difficult as I thought it would be. They are awesome. Elder Munoz is from bolivia and Elder Mejia is from Mexico. We get along great and Elder Mejia is now my companion. We just found out 5 minutes ago that Elder Munoz is being transfered and so now it is just Elder Mejia y yo. Its so much fun. But I love it here.

Nothing much happened this week. If anything happened this week it was my spanish has grown leaps and bounds. I also bought my first futbol jersey. So yeah I´m just doing all dandy down here in the southern hemisphere. 

Elder Hoopes 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


This week has been ridiculous!!!!!!!! So to begin. I ripped three pairs of pants this week in the same spot. I just would sit down on the bus, or at a member´s house, or something of some sort, then when I would stand up, RIP! My pants would rip. SO that was fun. I got them all fixed this week. So all is well. I also got a flare from one of the hermanas in our district for it being my first transfer and that was fun. And this week we had an activity for the stake. We showed the movie, Meet The Mormones. The was interesting. Because we had a almuerzo con the bishop. He wanted to make a video and send it to the ward, so we made a video inviting everyone. Well then the bishop posted it on Facebook and then president saw it. (Curt's the video... Invitation VideoSo then president called us and asked us if we had been using Facebook, then he posted it. So the thing was hyping up to be awesome. Well the elders in charge of the activity did not communicate well or have the movie so we had like 200 people or so and we didn´t have the movie. So it looked like it was going to fail, but then we got it and everything was okay. So that was fun. And a bird pooped on me yesterday.

So this week we had a baptism. So that was great. I had the opportunity to baptize these two little grils and my companion baptized our investigator. So that was so much fun. And having chuy this week made things a little more frustrating. but everything turned out well. 

Being in the trio the last two weeks only prepared for this transfer. My problem last week was my spanish and having an extra companion. Well I got moved into a trio/branch presidency and  where my entire zone is latino and I´m the only gringo. So I´m actually super excited. Because i´ll be able to only spak spanish and be able to learn real quickly and technically, I´m the second conselor in a branch prseidency and I have only been here 6 weeks. The president leaves in three weeks and then my companion will be the president so we´ll see what happens. And instead of us having 5 neighborhoods like my last area, we have 4 towns. We have to visit the members in all the towns and they are all like and hour or two apart so we will travel a lot! So I´m super excited for this next area. 

Elder Higuera and I both felt like we were going to be transferred a few weeks ago. But since I´m still technically in training, we would of had to been white washed to a new area. Well the time on friday when they were suppose to call us and tell us that we were going to be white washed came and went. So him and I thought we would stay. We´ll then around 5ish the day before were suppose to transfer they called us. They told not only we would be transfered but that our area was to be closed as well. So we had to quickly finish all of appointments that night and clean and clean and clean. So that was fun.

This week has been Great. So email me if you have any questions. 

Love Elder Hoopes

(Curt here again... Connor's new area is a branch in Campo Largo, Chaco Province. His companions are Elder Mejia and Elder Muñoz)