Monday, September 14, 2015

Campo Largo

So I really like it here. Campo largo is just super tranquil. It is just so peaceful and I like it. It is a lot like Mesa. Just more dogs, more dirt roads, and more motorcycles. And it isn´t just Campo Largo that is like this, the other three towns we have are just like it too. The whole area is like a gila valley feel. I love the work we are doing to. In Formosa, we were more of proselyting, teaching, and looking for people. Here in this area, because we are the branch presidency, we visit the members. We still have investigators but we focus on our cute little branch. It´s so much fun too. Our members aren´t solely in Campo Largo but in the other 3 surrounding towns. So we get to travel every other day to another town and go on visits to the members. It´s so much fun. And in campo largo tambien, is to big to walk everywhere so we get bikes! So it´s just fun. My pension isn´t bad. The only problem, like always, is the water.  The pump for the water is broken so we have to use well in our back yard which is nasty. We use it for anything that needs waterm: shower, cooking, bathroom, cleaning, anything that uses water, we have to use the well, and it isn´t fun. But other than that the pension is pretty awesome!!!!

So my latino brothers are awesome. It isnt as difficult as I thought it would be. They are awesome. Elder Munoz is from bolivia and Elder Mejia is from Mexico. We get along great and Elder Mejia is now my companion. We just found out 5 minutes ago that Elder Munoz is being transfered and so now it is just Elder Mejia y yo. Its so much fun. But I love it here.

Nothing much happened this week. If anything happened this week it was my spanish has grown leaps and bounds. I also bought my first futbol jersey. So yeah I´m just doing all dandy down here in the southern hemisphere. 

Elder Hoopes 

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