Monday, September 21, 2015


So I´m having a great time. We travel a lot! My area isn´t just one town, but multiple. So I want to share how much we travel. On mondays, we travel to the main city, Saenz Peña and return for P-day. The following day we spend in Campo Largo making visits, (on the bikes) then on Wednesday we travel to Corzuela for the whole day. Thursday and Friday is split betweeen the towns of Corzuela and Campo Largo. Then Saturday we travel like crazy. We travel to a Pampo del Infierno and then travel to Avia Terai then Campo Largo. Most of the towns except Saenz Peña are like thatcher. And the longest distance we travel is about two hours. We work in Corzuela a lot because it has the second largest amount of members that we need to visit. As for Avai Terai and Pampa, In total the two towns have 5 members but for the whole day is almost four hours of travel. Sin embargo, I love it here. It is way different than normal mission work. We visit members, take tithings, and do stuff that a typical Branch presidency would do because we are the branch presdency. Nothing really new or wow going on, but it´s just a great place. 

The solo aspect about Campo that is annoying is the dogs. We kinda live in the outskirts of the town, so there are a lot of dogs. Not as many as in Formosa, but the problem is, around 4 in the morning, every morning, without fail, ALL of the dogs just bark for one reason or another. It is literally a choir of dogs. It´s terrible. Other than that, I´m great.

 My companion and I get along well and my spanish is coming a long really well and I am the only gringo in our zone. So that is really fun.

Unlike Formosa where I felt like something crazy always happened during the week, nothing crazy happens here. I mean one of the members we visit has 11 dogs, 5 pigs 4 cats and chickens so it is like a zoo and thats interesting. And we just had elections so the whole town was in a uproar about something or other but that´s literally the craziest thing that has happened this week. And I have an awesome new tan but it isn´t worthy of an awesome story. 

Anyway. I´m doing great.

Love Elder Hoopes

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