Friday, July 8, 2016


This last week was pretty fun and busy! I don´t even know where to begin! I´ll begin with the 4th of July!!!  We of coursed played patriotic music every second of the day but the best part was definitely McDonald's. We were in a normal weekly correlation meeting with President Franco and he was like "field trip to McDonald's, the most American thing we can do here." so we took a field trip to Corrientes, the neighbouring province and had lunch!!! It was awesome!!! It is the only McDonald´s here and it was great!!! That turned out to be the first of the three times I would visit Mcdonald´s this week. Now you might think, why is McDonald´s so important, well after not having american food for a little bit, McDonald´s is incredible. So I went two more times because of the tramites. Being that we are here on visas, We have to be legalised every so often. Well this last week we were super occupied and I had to go to Corrientes to help. Which entailed McDonald´s. haha so that was super fun being able to travel a lot this week. What made this week busy was the amount of phone calls I have had to make. I´m pretty sure I have never made so many phone calls in my life. The branches are reporting their normal quarterly reports as to show the changes that have occurred in the last three months. Well I got to call ALL of the branches to begin the collection of this reports. It was a lot of phone calls.

Anyway, this week was great. I definitely got fatter.


Elder Hoopes

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