Friday, July 15, 2016

A week without President´s cell phone

So this week our president took a trip to visit the most north area in the mission. The village is called Portrillo. It is a little Indian tribe that is in the middle of nowhere. It is a 10 hour drive to get to this little village and our president didn´t have the phone. It was an interesting situation we found ourselves in. We had to make a lot of the executive decisions then explain them to him later. LUCKILY the mission didn´t fall apart. 

But because President was gone with the assistants, we where spread thin in our work causing us to work in other positions where we normally wouldn´t work. It was interesting. I got to help doing the tramites. I essentially took some missionaries to go get legal to help one of the other secretaries. It was pretty fun. 

We were able to get out this week and we found some great people. I´m super excited to see what happens with them. This week was super chill and I´m really excited for the next few weeks because we will be able to get out and work in our area more. 

Anyway I´m doing great.

Elder Hooeps

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