Friday, July 29, 2016

Last week of the transfers

SO this was the last week before the transfer. I honestly thought it would be way more hectic,but it wasn´t. It was really nice. We were able to get out and teach this week. We didn´t get out everyday like we wanted It seemed like when ever we were about to go out, something came up so we couldn´t, but nonetheless we still got out a few of the days and when we did, we were able to teach. It was awesome. 

Last week I talked about how Elder Stout and I had taught a lesson where the discussion was very good, united, and spiritual. I guess the lesson left an impression on the family because the husband came to church!!! It was awesome! Then by coincidence (which I don´t think it was coincidence) his friend at work turned out to be in our ward and they were able to talk and have a good experience. So that was a super nice part about the week.

Honestly, I wish I had more to share but if I shared about things in the office, I don´t what I would say or what I want to say, it´s either boring or confidential. BUT this next week will be super fun. So I´ll share more then. 

Elder Hoopes

Misión Argentina Resistencia

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