Friday, July 22, 2016

The calm before the storm...

This week has definitely been the calmest week ever in my mission. Literally nothing happened. President and the assistants where gone for the majority of the week and it was basically just preparations for next week. We got to our area a lot and had some great lessons. It was super cool because during one of the lessons we had a devote member of the evanglical church sitting in on our lesson and railing on us with questions. It was super cool to see the responses we were giving and the unity in our responses that we gave. The lesson wasn´t a bible bash, fight, or argument. The whole lesson was like a dissection of every little belief in what we taught. It was super cool. I gained a ton of respect for  my companion as a teacher. We left the lesson with complete confidence and peace that there was no doubt in what we taught was true. It was a great teaching experience. 

Well as my subject title indicates, the calm before the storm, next week is transfers.... 😵 or in other weeks, complete and absolute chaos. But it won´t be as bad as last time  because transfer day isn´t a holiday this next week and I have made more plans as to be more prepared for the changes. I have been working all last transfer long as to complete all the necessary tasks and busy work as to be on top of the ball. SO I hope that this goes better.

Anyway I´m doing great and just enjoying the mission. This week marks one year since I made it Argentina. It kinda makes me sad to be honest. Not sad that I have to be here another year but sad that I only have a year left. I have really come to love being here. Not as much as the physical location as here but here as in being a missionary. Being able to serve to, to teach, and to just have all these adventures. 

Sorry I didn´t get any pictures...nothing happened to take pictures of. haha Next week,,, maybe.. 


Mision Argentina Resistencia

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