Monday, January 4, 2016

The Middle Year

I have officially entered the year in which I will neither come nor go in the mission. It is super exciting. NEW YEARS was like WWIII with all the fireworks, but other than that, everything else was kinda anti-climatic. I was doing my tramites (legal paperwork, visa related), which is essentially a form of legalization for me in which I had to do in another province. SO literally I have not done anything this week. I was traveling, and traveling and then had new years. Its been really sad because I like to work and we did nothing. 

BUT in terms of the work we have been doing, We have a family that is progressing a lot. They wanted to get married and be baptized. My companion and I have got all the paper work, but at the last minute, they couldn't get to church and so now we have to put a hold on everything. But they are super super cool.

Aside from that. We have transfers next week so we will see how that goes and I´m super excited to see what happens. I love you all.

Love Elder Hoopes

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