Monday, December 7, 2015

SO this week was pretty crazy. To begin with, it has been raining a ton. The whole area flooded. We were working in knee deep water for two days. And then on top of that, the power in the neighborhood went out for two days as well. It was an adventure. The people said a tornado passed over during one of the nights as well, but to be honest these people aren't trained meteorologists so I don´t know if we can trust their judgment on the validity of a tornado. 

Other than just the craziness of the weather, everything else has been generally okay. I forgot to mention I´m a counselor in the branch again so that's something real fun I get to do. I loved the package I received this week. The Christmas tree is spectactular. I love it so much. No one does Christmas here. It´s pretty sad. But I loved getting the package.

This week in general been pretty normal. Nothing too crazy. But I love it here. It's  very hard, but very fun. 

Merry Christmas
Elder Hoopes

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