Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's Monkeys Down Here!

This week we contacted a house... WE FOUND A MONKEY in the tree. I fed it candy. It was seriously one of the coolest things I have done here. When we contacted the house we heard like a terrible sound (it sounded like something was just on the verge of death) and so I asked the lady,"What is that awful sound?" She said," It's the monkeys."  She looked kinda like a witch or like she was crazy so I thought she was referring to some voodoo slang or something. But then she said, "Look up" and THERE WAS A MONKEY.  Literally one of the most amazing things I have seen here.

We also had two incredible, and humbling, miracles this week. 

One day while we were buying snacks at like a kiosco (little convenience store), these two people approached us and wanted a selfie with us. We said we would take a selfie the next time we visit with them. We took their directions (address) then during the week tried to pass by 3 or 4 times. Well Saturday we had a very hard morning. We got rejected all morning and finally we decided to pray for guidance. We prayed and decided to try the selfie people's house again. They were finally home and  let us in. Well this is where it gets crazy. The mother of the family told us that her father passed away a year ago and since then she has been praying for truth and direction. She said that she wanted to know, or have an answer to her prayers, by her birthday within a year of her father's passing, which is this year to be exact. She then said,"My birthday is tomorrow." (Sunday because this happened on Saturday) She said that she was disappointed all week because it had been a whole year without the response. She said that Saturday morning she was extremely sad until we showed up. We were her answer. We showed up the day before her birthday with the Truth. The Spirit was so strong. She was pleading for an answer and we were sent to her house after praying for direction. It was so crazy!!!

The next miracle was happened while we were walking in the street and felt strongly to walk to a certain house. We explained to he woman in the home that we were here to help bring people to the truth and to Christ. This lady then told us how the night before she had had a dream and saw two paths. One was wide and open and everyone was falling in to that path and that the other was straight and small that very few were entering. A huge chasm separated the two paths with like just filth in between the two. The huge path had no end but the other led to light. She said she had felt super confused over which path to take when two men dressed fully in white appeared and said that they were there to help her. The craziest part is that she told us that the way my companion and I had presented ourselves was exactly what the two men had said in the dream. She then bore testimony as how the Lord provides and prepares for people. We were truly sent a second time as messengers to save and help those who are lost.   

I know this is the work of the Lord. That he has a plan for his children and we are truly his hands in this great work. We were led to help these people and He leads us and guides us to His children. This work is true. I know it is. 

Other then these wonderfully special experiences, the weather is wonderful this week. We didn't do anything fun for thanksgiving, and I stayed in my area and with my comp for this transfer. I love you all and hope you all can feel the love of God in your lives.

Love Elder Hoopes

Sorry I can`t put up my video of the monkey or the other fotos of this week because this stupid computer is terrible.

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