Monday, November 23, 2015

A Fun Week in Argentina

So this week was really fun. It poured rain so much during the nights and then it wouldn't be so hot during the day. And It would make the whole streets flooded. Like I got some awesome pictures in the puddles. Of course it isn't so comfortable here. For example I burned my hand while trying to pour the boiling water into the shower bucket, but I love it here. 

We had divisions this week. My companion was with the other elders and while they were teaching, he ended up yelling at a Testigo de Jevohah (Jehovah's Witness). The guy was invited by his friend to listen in during the teaching appointment and was intentionally being a jerk. He kept telling my companion in English to "speak Spanish" just to get him riled up. It was so very rude and he was such a complete jerk to my companion who can't even speak Spanish yet. So finally my companion just lost it and blew up on the guy in English until he left. I guess not really the best approach but it was pretty funny. 

On top of that our work has really expanded. We met a guy a few weeks ago as the result of a referral that had a wrong address.  When we followed up on the referral the man who answered at the wrong address turned out to be a relative of one of our families. Later we followed up with an appointment with the man and his family at the relative's house. We showed up kind of early and talked to the man. There he humbly told us that he had been praying for us to come to his house. Because of the mistake in the referral, and because we knew his brother, we were able to meet with him. It was an awesome experience. Truly a miracle. 

While talking about miracles, we fixed a car by miracle. These people were having problems with their car. So we offered our help. Upon further inspection  my companion concluded that the car was way to old and dirty for any repairs we could possibly make.  Well before my companion began working on it, he said a prayer. We did everything we could and then just had faith that it would work. My companion shut the hood of the car, told them to start it...and it worked! It was so crazy. Like literally we couldn't have done anything to fix it but a prayer and the Lord did everything. 

It was such an awesome and special experience. Through faith and prayer many miracles are made. This week has been really fun and I love it here.

Love Elder Hoopes

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