Monday, November 9, 2015

A Better Week

Well this week was way better than the last. The weather has been, not so hot and it has only drizzled. So that has been a huge relief. I also got to seemy cousin at multizona. It was so much fun! For some odd reason there are just tons of frogs out. They are everywhere. It's like a chorus of croaks. It is just like the jungle out here and I love it. Everyday is like an adventure and we get to do a great work. 

This week one of the families we have been teaching came to church and it was so special. She was like bawling and it was a wonderful expirence. My companion and I are doing good so that is good. And we finally got a photo. 

Honestly nothing super exciting happened. Like we had a dog follow us for the WHOLE day and we found talking-parakets that speak spanish. We are still working very hard. We have been rejected a lot this week. But we will just find those who will want to listen. 

I wish I could tell you all about a great miracle that we have had this week. In reality though, we see small unmistakable miracles everyday that are too many to recount. For this we know that we are watched over and protected. I love it here.

Elder Hoopes

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