Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween

So wow this week has been kind of difficult. In the last few pensions I have problems with the water but this time was probably the worst. The shower, the faucets and the bathroom didn't have water. We literally had no water. Luckily we had refrigerated a lot of water bottles and we still had drinking water, but nothing  else, because nothing else worked. (Connor said the water issue has since been fixed).  We also had super super hot and humid days this week and then super crazy storms. It was like 100 plus degrees with like 100 percent humidity with no clouds anywhere, then like the next day we would have to literally walk through shin deep mud in the middle of the roads. And when we would ask if we could enter houses to try to get out of the storrm, people were just like, "¿otra dia?" (Another day?).  It was literally the hardest downpour I have ever expirenced and no one would let us in. Actually it was very frustrating. Aside from that I`m losing weight again and probably weigh ten pounds less then when I entered the mission. So the climate has just been overall frustrating this week.  On the brightside though, I bought a new hat this week.

In respect to the work, it has also been very frustrating. If there is  soccer match, everything stops, no one wants to talk, and everyone is just super drunk. So its just hard. I don`t intend to be a depressing Debbie Downer, but I`m just being honest with what has happened this week. 

Obviously we will have our trials. And truthfully throughout these setbacks, I have felt the hand of God guide us and strengthen us. This week has been a week of strengthening. If it wasn`t for the problems, I would have never seen the parts of my testimonio and of my life that I would need to strengthen. And honestly, these problems have only added a great adventure to the mission. They are just great opportunities I have had to show my faith in God. They are quite fun to encounter. 

I hope that you all are having fun in the States. 
Elder Hoopes

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