Monday, October 26, 2015

My Padawan

This past week was kinda frustrating, but in like a fun way. First off, I received an awful haircut which was just....great. It´s not like I´m bald but it is pretty close haha. Anyway, I got my little padawan this week and we left to Clorinda. He doesn´t know Spanish but he just wants to work and that is cool. His name is Elder Willard, de Idaho.

As white washes go, the missionaries in this area before us were responsible for putting the infomation we needed about our area in the area book. Well all the information we desperately need was somehow missplaced. When we arrived at the pension we found it a disaster! So we promptly deep cleaned our pension and tried to locate our area book; which we came to learn wasn´t even in our pension. Regardless, we were determined to go out this week and work whether we had information or not. We have a big map of the area on the wall and it has names of people. So we figured we could visit every name and see what happens. Turns out,the map is 20 years old, the addresses have changed, streets don´t have names and the people don´t know their own address. In a futile attempt to find people we had to ask argentines for direccions and that literally sent us in all the wrong directions. Like for example, we were trying to find this member´s house and ended up almost 2 miles away by the church that is outside my area. On the brighter side, my Spanish directional skills, sense of direction skills,  and walking skills have become much better. I have also become much more fluent with my Spanish because, well... I do all the talking. I love it so much. We have mostly memorized the area but because it is Argentina, no one knows the street names, or they don´t exist, so neither do I.

In terms of the area. It is very hot, humid and sunny. This pension is terrible and I keep having huge spiders on me and I keep getting bitten by them. Other than the frustrating start, the rest has been good here. Like for example, my comapnion found someone who speaks English so he got to give the lesson because my english is terrible now.  We are finding people that haven´t been visted in years and we find people that have been taught years ago. That part is exciting. 

Anyway I love it here. I actually really like the way it started here in Clorinda because it has been a huge adventure. So rock on. Today and yesterday it has been raining so here is my wonderful foto. Live long and prosper.

Elder Hoopes

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