Monday, October 12, 2015

A Great Adventure

Well this week was difinetly an adventure. Tuesday was super hot and very humid! then Wednesday, like always, we traveled to the city for interviews with president. It was great. So then Thursday. Thursday we traveled to Corzuela like always. Well this time it was heavy overcast and cold so I had my clothes for the cold. We didn`t think it would rain because the weather has been like this lately and it wasn`t like it was going to rain. I still had my umbrella just in case. We`ll we were in the very very outskirts of this town. And a microburst began. We had only one umbrella and no clothes for the rain. So I was literally soaked. Then I fell in the mud too. No one let us in and we were stuck in out in the rain no where near our town. Then when we returned to our town in the night the same storm rained on us again. I was so wet it was as if I had gone swimming in my church clothes. It was so much fun.

On Friday we travel to two towns. Both are very far away. So the Pampa del Infierno is about an hour and a half away and the last bus leaves at 3. but it always passes about 2:45 so we try to be there by 2:30. We`ll the bus was early and we were late. So we missed the last bus from this town. No taxis either. So we decided that sitting around would solve nothing so we began to walk. And walk and walk. We tried to hitch hike but literally no one would stop. Finally after an hour someone picked us up and dropped us off about half way to the next town. After that we continued to walk and walk. Well we then got chased by a pack of dogs. That made it more exciting! my companion almost got mauled but he is okay. Finally another man picked us up and dropped us off in the next town. That helped so much because we then used the train to return. Well when I sat on the train, the only seat available was all gross underneath and well, we didn`t see so, yes, I stepped in that too. So that was just a great time. And as miserable as it sounded it was actually quite fun. Literally an adventure. 

This week I had been "ponderizing" a scripture that says," verily the lord seeth fit to try the patience and faith of his people. So these two expirences were great opportunities to show my faith and patience. And I know that through these experiences I will grow 

But I absolutely love it here. I had cow tongue this last week and have become a marriage counselor haha. Which I don`t think I`m any way suited to be. I lost my USB as well but I just feel like all these expirences are for my gain and that it will all be alright in the end. I`m just dandy. 

Love Elder Hoopes

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