Tuesday, October 20, 2015

4 month mark!!

So saturday was my four month mark!!! Its so crazy how fast time has passed.This week was very interesting. We had two service projects in which we trimmed a tree and painted a building. We also had aftershocks of an earthquake which was kinda fun too. We also had some Testigos de Jehova show up in the middle of one of our lessons, so that was challenging. Plus I had a huge spider on my shoulder.... It was sooo scary! Then on top it all of we had Mother's Day. So it has been very interesting. 

These week was transfers. Saturday was the day that the new trainers were to be called and be notified. Our phones have a setting to make it ring on a timer, so it sounds like a real phone call...but it's not. So Elder Mejia thought it was hilarious to set it and watch me panic. Well 15 minutes after the joke, the real assistentes called and now I`m becoming a trainer and I`m going to be white washed into a new area in Clorinda, Formosa Province.  It's right across the river from Asuncion, Paraguay. I'll find out who my companion will be when he arrives in the mission on Wednesday or Thursday.  So I`m really excited. So far in the last three transfers I have had three areas and now 6 companions. That includes my comapnaion in the MTC. So anyway it has been very very fun week.

I know the Lord qualifies whom he calls so I`m just super excited to be a trainer and get transfered again. Everything is good and I`m just having a dandy old time.

Love Elder Hoopes

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