Monday, October 5, 2015

Interesting Week!

Sorry for last week´s email being so short, I take notes during the week about what I want to mention in my agenda. But a little boy wanted to draw and he had no paper in his house or pen so I gave him my agenda and pan. But beside that, this week was very interesting. This week while in the shower, a huge spider the size of my hand palm crawled over my foot. That was so scary. It was like a baby tarantula but HUGE. And I also found a worm in the filter again. So I´m just thankful we have our filter and it´s working. And our pension is weird because it is clean, but every morning we find new dead bugs on the ground. So I don´t know what is happening there but I´m just glad we are finding them dead for now. And I found literally the most majestic duck of my life this week. It was so cool!!!!!! and I drew another gift for another kid.

This last week has had So much walking. The week before the collectivo (bus) dropped us off 3 miles past our town so but this week the tren didn´t even pick us up so we walked and walked liked always. It was kinda funny because we were so happy we could see the train, then it just passed us and we just continued to walk. Luckily We were being watched over and the whether in 15 minutes went form humid, hot, and sunny to cloudy, windy, and perfect. No cloud in the sky to just a wonderful overcast. So we just walked a lot this week, but really, what´s new about that. 

This week has also been a week of great food. (really just the last three days) We traded some mexican candy to a sister in our district, who is from Mexico, and she made us tortillas. We then made breakfeast burritos. My companero made salsa from Mexico (Elder Mejía is from Tabasco, Mexico) and it was great. It was a little spicy but super delicious. It was ironic because as I was telling my companion  about how the salsa wasn´t spicy, it got in my eye and then got it´s revenge. So that was painful. And  because it was conference weekend, to avoid traveling even more, we just stayed in the city. But it wasn´t just us but other elders too. So in total we had 8 missionaires in one pension. For lunch we made 8 pizzas! it was so much fun! And during this huge sleepover we have had for the last three days. I gave my self a hair cut. I cut my own hair. It was so scary but it actually turned out great! 

This week was Conferencia General. It was great, but the lesson I learned didn´t come during conference but after it was all over. We live in a small town. Our branch building is so small and we couldn´t watch conference there. So instead, we hired a bus to bring our branch members to the stake center to watch. And it went great. We had our members, plus some members who were inactive come and they were able to watch Conference. Then afterward we had to wait for the bus to take them back. Conference ended at 7 and the bus was going to pick them up at 7:30. So like then 7:30 came and passed and no bus. It wasn´t unusual because usually they are late. Well the last bus that goes to our town leaves at 7:45 and we began to consider whether we should just pay for everyone to take that bus. Well we decided to wait because the municpalidad told us that it was coming, so we waited. 8 came and passed and so did 8:30. As we began planning to move all the beds from the pension to the church so they could stay the night, or to hire 4 taxi´s to drive the hour back to our town the thought came to me,
"Why haven´t you prayed for help?"
With this spiritual instruction I told my companion that we must pray. So I somehow corraled our little sheep and my companion, The president of the branch prayed for aid. Somehow after the prayer, I began to lead a testimony meeting. As the time passed, my language and the spirit in the room grew in strength. We began to feel God´s love in the room. I was able to teach with what I felt was power and love. I know that God gave us that opportunity to teach and express His love. It was an incredible experience. I felt as a shepherd boy in the Great Shepherd's work and that I had the privileged opportunity to serve his little lambs with the same love and care he would give them. It was as if I had the wonderful glimpse into the love of God for His children. 

I´m so privileged to be in this branch and serve. Eventually our bus came and our little flock was able to return home. This experience was so special and I know that God lives and loves his children. 

I love and miss you all. 
Love Elder Hoopes


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