Monday, November 16, 2015

This week has been very hot. To be completely honest, the computer keyboard is broken and it is very difficult to write. Anyway, this week has been just a typical week here. Very hot, very humid, and very difficult. We got rejected a lot this week. Like it's so sad because they don't know what they are turning away. 

We had an asado this week with some members of the branch which was awesome, and I cut my companion's hair, which was really fun. We are working a lot. Tomorrow is my 5 month mark. So that is super exciting. There just isn't too much for me to say. Our investigators are doing well but there isn't much I feel like I can share about them.

Anyway, I love it here. It has been really really difficult but I feel like I have really grown. Everyday here is an adventure. Argentina is just a crazy crazy place. 

I can't put any fotos on right now. The computer is literally the worst. I love you all. 

Elder Hoopes

(Connor was able to send a few pictures later so here they are)

Members of the branch who had the asado (barbecue)

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