Monday, January 18, 2016

Another week in Argentina

Well this week was super interesting. We finally finished working with our dueno (landlord) to repair all the things in our pension (apartment) and we finished finalizing our contract for the pension as well. It wasn't hard but it just took a lot of time. This week we also found a bunch of baby parakeets and took pictures with them. That was really fun. 

Our work this week was good too. During a lesson this week my companion was sitting in a type of Argentine strung rocking chair. Well it was already a little broken and when he leaned a  little,  gravity won and he fell! It was hilarious. He also spilled a pitcher of soda during a lunch as well. He is a super fun and kinda goofy. But me and him get along really well. It is just really fun. 

I love working here.  I'm working really hard. We have some great people right now who we are visiting with. One of them is named Natalia. Her husband is in the gendarmería (border police). He works 6 months in Buenos Aires and is off 6 months.  Well he finally returned to Buenos Aires this week and it was really sad. But we are super excited for her because she is super nice and wants to learn. 

Argentina is super crazy, fun, and just a great experience. I love it here.

Elder Hoopes

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