Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Well I only have 98% left to be productive

So this last week at the MTC has been the mission president training and some pretty awesome experiences came out of it.

So first off, because of training, the cafeteria was only being used for apostles and presidents, so we were displaced into the gym to eat.So we were expecting to be pretty lame but, no, it was really cool! They obviously couldn't cater to all the missions, so we got Taco Bell, Chick Fl A, Costa Vida, Dominos and some other cool places. So the training was pretty beneficial for us.

Next, becuase of training we got a new mission president to come in and teach us. Well the hiccup was, he was from Peru and didn't know any english. So it was nice that when we sat down we where at his eye level. I mean he was maybe 4' 11". But despite his size, he was a spiritual giant. The spirit was so strong. I mean we maybe understood maybe 19% of what he said, but the spiritual insights we gained from that were incredible. Its awesome how when you listen with the spirit you can still learn even if the migit speaks faster than a machine gun. so that was cool. The spirit in the room was an awesome experience. 
While I'm talking about spiritual giants, I saw the prophet!!!!!!! We knew he would be here. but the entire complex was always guarded so we could never see the raining. But one day we were jogging back from Gym and crossed the road when we saw an Audi A6 L (really nice Car) parked right in front of our class room which was next to the main building. SO by the number of security guards and the quality of care, we knew something was going down. So my companero y I decided to "go to our classroom." The security said we couldn't go in. but eventually i persuaded the fine Gents. the had the first floor windows blocked so we sluethly got to the second floor. We where right above the car. And then, the door opened, and out came president Monson. It was incredible. I literally knew right then and there that he was a true prophet a God. It was awesome. I know that he is prophet whom God called to lead his church. So that happened.

Anyway. The MTC  is good. I've been really homesick but its whatever. I'm 2% through my mission though. But I'm so glad that I'm here. And sister Boynton, I found her soon. Brother Bingham, I found your student who is going to Oslo Norway. and I ran into Kyler this week. SO thats me. I'll send Pictures in another email. 

Elder Hoopes

 mi companero y yo

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