Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Well the schedule never changes

So this last week has been pretty interesting. It's the same day everyday and it becomes long. But There is 3 weeks down and 3 left before I leave. The fourth of July made the week interesting. We had 3 devotionals within 24 hours and then we got to watch the fireworks. so things are kinda heatin up. So I'll put pictures of that in another email. 

So sorry i haven't really talked about my district. My companion Elder Christensen is kinda like Gabe from the office. Just not as creepy. Then there is the Elders Holtry And Elder Steele. Holtry is like Hunter. super goofy, awkward, just like Hunter. Then elder Steele is like Jerry from Parks and rec mixed with like a Kevin Malone from the office. Elder Sargent and Elder Hardcastle are polar opposites. The hardcastle is hardcore thespian. Drama Music Arts just everything Flamboyant. then Sargent is the huge stag. College baseball catcher. huge stern and everything macho. Then we have like three average sisters. They have been pretty moody lately so I'd rather not talk about them. 

The biggest thing that was interesting this week was the usual Sunday Night Devotional. So the speaker was from the Quorum of the Seventy. Elder Condie spoke about the prophet Joseph Smith. It was an incredible testimony of the prophet. He said, "If you really want to know whether God appeared to the young Joseph Smith, Ask God, He was there." This along with fervor in which he reaccounted the first vision brought the spirit to my heart and strengthen my testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. His talk was able to be bear witness to me of the truthfulness of the first vision, We then sang the hymn, Joseph Smith's first prayer. It was so amazing how strong the spirit was felt after his testimony was born and all the elders and sisters sang. The power and strength of the spirit was felt in that room. There is no denying it. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God who saw God the Father and His son Jesus Christ. I know because I have felt the confirming, sweet, strong, burning witness of the Holy Ghost in my heart. I know that if anyone doubts that this could have happened, they can pray to God to know. He will answer. I know that because he has answered my prayers. 

So everything is good here. I miss everyone. but hey, i'm out here to serve the Lord so it doesn't matter. 

Love Elder Hoopes.

P.s. the picture is drawn by Elder holtry's sister while the Christus is My companions and then everything else is mine.

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