Monday, February 15, 2016


The wonderful week of Carnival. This week was a very interesting week. This week we traveled down to Formosa capital for Multizona with all the missionaries in the province and it was super good. We talked so much of Christ´s sacrifice for us and how we literally have the responsibility to help the people come to know and to utilize the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was so good. The spirit was super strong and helped me come to feel and understand the love of Christ. It was fun. 

On top of all that it was Carnival this weekend.  Carnival is essentially Marti Gras where everyone just parties and dances in the street. So we had to go to our pension early the last three nights. It was so hard to sleep because it was really crazy. Then to top it off, there was Valentine´s day. Which, like me, gets forgotten. hahaha But like always, I´m doing great. I´m happy, healthy, and working. 

In terms of work, things are progressing. Our friend Javier is getting there. He likes to read in the Book of Mormon but he just can´t make it to church. I´m a little worried because transfers is this week and I don´t want to leave him but I might be transfered, I don´t know. But we are doing great. 

This week turned out to be a great. Feliz Dia de San Valentin. 

Elder Hoopes

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