Monday, February 8, 2016

Saludos otra vez

This week was super great!!! We had a baptism! We baptised our friend Eduardo. The way we actually found Eduardo was pretty cool. Elder Willard (my last companion) and I had been walking down the street and saying hi to people like always when we waved hi to this old man on a bike. This old man ended up stopping and talking to us and gave us his directions. Well we passed by and started to teach the family. We never were able to teach the old man but we ended up teaching Eduardo. He is super cool. It was super fun to teach him as well. He would read everything we would give him. He read and re read and studied the pamphlets we gave him. He is super smart and just wants to be good. Eduardo is pretty cool.

We also got to empty the fount and fill it up again for the baptism but this time we broke four buckets. It was super annoying. But we did it in like 8 hours. It was great. We also had divisions this week. It´s always fun being able to look at Asuncion, paraguay. 

We had something pretty sad this week happen to us. We had been walking down the street and found this little ball. So we would kick it back and forth between the two of us while walking in the streets. This was a great contacting tool because everyone wanted to come talk to the two gringos passing the small ball in the street. Well my companion and I were getting pretty good with it and we had been talking to a lot of people because of it. Well this little boy and little girl, probably 3 and 4 years old came up to us to give us a high five. So we gave boy a high five and the little girl sees our ball and picks it up and says "hey look a little ball!" then runs off with our ball..... It was pretty sad because we lost our ball that we had found. But now a little girl has our ball. hahahah It actually wasn´t sad just really funny. This little girl just comes and steals our ball and runs away. But its all right.

Anyway this week was great. My cooking skills are really heating up (metaphorically and literally... like I might have burnt some food.) haha but I´m doing well. Have a great week.

Elder Hoopes  

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