Friday, March 18, 2016

The Office Life

It is kinda good that I`m in th office becaus ethis last week I`ve been a little sick. It is just a cold and nothing to worry about but being in the office has helped a lot with getting better. 

It`s really different being in the office. For one thing, all of my work is online. Which is super different than walking and proselyting everywhere. I`m also living with 7 other elders. And we have elders pass through for legal stuffas well,  so somnetimes we  have 10 or more sleeping with us as well.  I`m currently in a companionship of 4 elders. Literally the computer says the four of us are companions and its super funny. 

Its fun being in the office and workiong though. For example, during this last week another mission in Ecaudor called me asking about travel information for one of our sister missionaries. Well after talking to the other Elder over the phone. I found out that he was a companion to one of my friends in that mission. It was pretty cool. It is just being fun being in the center of the mission and being able to see all the weird and cool things in the mission. 

Some fun things I get to do:
When some one gets robbed, I report it to the church headquarters. But the fun part is I can access all the church files and look up all the accidents,everywhere in the world. It is actually super funny because I can see all sorts of things. A lot of stuff happens in the Mesa Temple. Usually some one falling or something like that. 

We also get to call and verify when phones are robbed. Its like prank calling but way more fun. When we tell the person its a robbed number, its so hilarious because we get all sort of responses. 

I also get to hear what is happing with contracts and water bills. For example some missionaries didn´t have power for 5 days because they didn´t pay the bills but didn´t tell us till like the 3rd day. We also had a pension catch on fire. It is just super weird what happens. 

Its just super fun because we get to know everything and do everything. This is just a fun snippet of what I do. 

I still have a week left until I transfers. I´m actually super scared for transfers cause I have to organize all the transfers for all the misionaries moving. Like new ones flying in, missonaries leaving, and then the bus schedule for all missionaries moving to different areas. Its a huge, real life sudoko with people and argentine bus system. 

I love you all and hope you all have a great week. 

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