Friday, March 25, 2016

Oh Portuguese

Well I have a had a great week. I would say the highlight of my week was calling out to the Brazil MTC. It was super funny. No, I don´t know Portuguese, that is what made it so funny. I had to call because I was looking for someone. Since I do not know Portuguese I had to talk in Spanish. Well to complicate the situation the brazilian didn´t know Spanish either. It was a fun conversation to have. So I asked them for someone who knew Spanish or English and he told me, "I don´t know Spanish" BUT IN ENGLISH... It was super funny.

Anyway this week has been pretty awesome. I do a lot of the same work everyday and its just fun. I like being in the office and being close to president and having "the-in." But I´m doing great and Me and one of the assistents have started working out hard core and It´s awesome. Anyway I´m super happy here. 

I love you all.

So in order From left to right. Elder Stout, financial Secretary the next two are leaving monday from the office. The taller Elder Bess, he is the old financial secretary. The one in the blue is my position. Elder Jenson. Elder Tippetts is in the Capitan America shirt and he is the Housing secretary. Then me, then one of the assistants, Elder Dangelo. He is from Mesa. The first three on the left are my companions. They all love starwars. They are great companions

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