Friday, April 1, 2016

Post Transfer Week

This last week was one of the craziest, funniest, and greatest weeks in the mission. We had 47 of the 169 missionaries move and had 7 new missionaries come into the mission with 10 leaving. It was so much fun. I got to coordinate more than a third of the mission change areas and I got to see the difference of brand new missionaries entering the mission and the strength of missionaries leaving. It was cool to see how my plans fell perfectly into place then see how fast we could correct and react to situational changes. We only had less than 10 missionaries miss buses or who were late. Which is super good because it was the buses faults and we were able to divert missionaries and move them to different areas without problems. It was super cool to see how we all worked together then see the fruit of our planning. 

This last week brings to mind the simple principle of God´s hand in our own work. The principle that when we try our best, put our faith in Christ and put our faith in action and go to work, God will sanctify our work. 

But this last week was super fun, hectic, and super great. I also called my friends in brazil and had lost of fun calling people and trying to communicate with people who speak Portuguese. We ate great this week and my two other companions went out to the field.(the tallest in the foto and the shortest in the foto) My companion and I (the one in the sweater in the foto) received another companion. So I´m in another trio. This is my third Trio I have been in.

Anyway, I´m doing great and love this work. I love you all. 

Secretario del Presidente
Elder Hoopes
Misión Argentina Resistencia

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