Friday, April 15, 2016


Just another week of missionary work! This week has been awesome. I have finally been able to leave and proselyte. It is awesome. The last two weeks, president has assigned me a lot of work, and this last week I have been able to work through a lot of it and get out of the office and teach. We only got let in once, but we are working so hard to find new people. I´m so glad that I could get out finally and try to find people. This last week I was sick as well. I literally slept through two days. President saw that I was super exhausted and he let me return to the apartment to rest. I ended up sleeping till the next morning, then the next morning as well. It was not fun being sick but it was nice that I rested so well and feel better now. 

The sisters in our ward also have a baptism tomorrow. Well, some punks stole the church´s water pump. Yeah they stole the pump from the church. It is the third time it has happened. The THIRD TIME!!!! its super crazy. Anyway, moving on, we ended up having to fill the baptismal font up with these gallons of water things. Let´s just say it took a very long time. But we solved the problem and the baptismal will go on.

I would share more but I can´t really share exactly what I do here. But trust me, in the office I have a lot to do. President Franco is a great mentor, leader, and man. He has shown me a lot and I´m so thankful for the opportunity I have to work so closely with him. 

Anyway, I would share more but there isn´t much more that I can share. I love and miss you all. 

Secretario del Presidente
Elder Hoopes
Mision Argentina Resistencia

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