Friday, April 29, 2016

So this last week has been pretty chill. It has been great. I have worked on a lot of the little tasks that needed to be done before transfers this last week. This last week we also have had some awesome progress. We have worked in our area a lot this last week and we contacted so many houses. I have not had so much rejection haha. But we have had found some awesome people. One of them is named Luis. He has a Hitler moustache and he's awesome. He is an Argentine whose parents are Italian and he speaks Italian, German, English, and Spanish. He has a cat as well that only responds in German commands. He looks kind of like he would be a good villain from Despicable Me.  He is kinda different but he is super cool. He is sincerely looking for the truth. Luis has some doubts obviously, but we hope that he can let his faith overpower his doubts. He is super awesome. 

So this next week will be super fun. I´m excited for all the meetings and chaos of transfers. I´ll call home while I´m organizing all the movement of missionaries so it´ll be a fun break. 

Have a wonderful week. 

Elder Hoopes

Some pictures at the museum. 

A small Taco statue 

I haven´t gained weight... I´ve gained muscle. and all the fotos are bad angles. 

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