Friday, March 11, 2016

The Office

Well this week I had a pretty big change. First and foremost, I got transferred to the mission office. President Franco called me on Sunday night, then by monday morning I was in the office. My new position is the Secretary to the President. It sounds all big and glorious but really i´m just a flight agent. I´ll be organizing all the transfers and movement of missionaries with in the mission and I organize all the new missionaries and missionaries leaving as well. Other than that, I´ll do other miscellaneous tasks but that will be the majority if my work. Its pretty fun. 

I honestly was kinda sad to leave Saenz Pena because well, I had just learned the area and we were teaching some great people.  I was sad because we had gotten pretty close with Guido. But he is super cool.We were teaching a young man named Guido. He is awesome. He was reading and studying a lot. We would leave him with reading assignments and then when we would get back he would have questions for us. So the only hiccup that he had was a smoking problem. But through many prayers and a lot of faith he overcame the smoking addiction. He is awesome. I probably spent the majority my mornings while in Saenz Peña teaching him. Seeing that it was a hour walk to his house and a hour back.

I am nervous because literally I have no clue what the secretary´s job was but now i´m okay. It will be a great learning experience. I'm looking forward to it. 

Have an awesome week  I´ll be writing on fridays now.

Elder Hoopes

The office elders in Subway!

Thanks to my Mesa Aspen Ward Beehives for the hugs!

With Guido

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