Monday, August 10, 2015

Jeepers its the creepers

So this week was very interesting. We definitely felt the promptings of the spirit guiding and protecting us. The subject title totally summarizes the expirences. So the neighborhood is kinda sketchy at night. We have to be back to the pension by 8:30. And we can´t go out after 9. So we were walking back the way we always do and these two delinquints, who we usually see on the corner smoking, called out to us and said,"don´t go that way. You will get jumped." So my companion and I trusted them and went the other way home. It was interesting because they never talk to us but then. So that was cool. So the next night we where in the same neighborhood. And ,y companion and I were like, "we need to go." and so we kept walking and thought we could make it to the individuals house because they were somewhat close. Then instantly my companion and I felt and I kinda heard distinctly, "leave." So we hightailed it on out as fast as we could. when we got out. It felt somewhat lighter but still very creepy. So we started walking in a safer part of the neighborhood and this man started following us. We would turn, he would turn. So my companion and I was like lets talk to these drunk men over here and felt good about it. So we talked to them, they were so drunk they didn´t know what was happening then the man past. So now crisis two had been adverted. Well not exactly. We walk away and he had posted up on the corner and waited for us. so we went the oppoiste way. So finally we get to this junction. All the roads are dark. We can either go straight, left or right. and I felt and heard "straight" which was weird cause it was the darkest and going away from home. But I trusted the voice and proceeded. We met the best family on this road and it took up the rest of the night. So during these scary expirences we could see not only the Spirit´s hand protecting us from any bad situations, but it´s hand in guiding us to those in need.

I learned that God will let us expirence terrible things, to terryifing expirences, and hardships, so we can see His hand guinding and protecting us. That sometimes it´s better for us to dangle just a little and struggle for just a moment so we can then see him carrying us to safety. It is sometimes scary in the moment, like it was for us in the neighborhood, but God has a plan and help us in the end, just like how he ultimately led us to that family. If it wasn´t for those felings, we would of been literally in the southernmost part of our are and would of never found those people in need. I know that God has a plan for us. that he will guide us and protect us. 

Anyway Life´s good here. I´m learning alot. Still loosening weight butr whatever. Email me. I´ll be on later. This is a picture of an area in my mission. I´ll email more later. Monday is my new day to email.

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