Monday, August 3, 2015

Well I´m in Argentina

 So life is pretty good here. Argentina is cool. So it´s  ¨winter¨¨ yet its like 90 degres. so I´m just super excited for summer to start in a few weeks. But I love it here. We walk literally 15 miles a day. Our area is the size of the four stakes in mesa. so its huge. Lik eI´m so thankful I have my tactically boots because I´ve walked through some weird stuff. But it´s pretty fun. We have siesta here. so We study during the time so we get out of the sun. none of the water is clean here so I cannot tell you how much soda I´ve drinken. But contrary to popular belief, I haven´t put on any weight from the soda. I ´ve lost all the weight i gained from the MTC and already weigh less than what I was when I left. Our area is just so large and we are alway walking in the sun that I just burned/sweated it all off.  actually love to walk. 

So the food is pretty decent. The meet is INCREDIBLE. I got out of eating blood sausage so i lucked out there but I´ve eaten everything else. I actually love their candy. because we alsways have to buy soda and juice to drink. i buy their candy ALOT. I love it. I´ve eaten with members almost every lunch so Ive had alot. But Since breakfeast and dinner is the same, (the bananas at the Pension) lunch is just awesome cause we can just eat. so it´s all good in the hood. We live in the hood. its super sketchy.

the language is just so exciting. So they speak Castillono. so the ¨ll¨ and the ¨y¨ make a ¨shhh¨ sound and to add to that here in Formosa they dop the s off of the words and talk like they are in a library when they are outside with dogs barking, tractors plowing, gunshots, and just every sound in the universe taking place next door. and that always happens. so Its been difficult to understand everyone. and the kids laugh at me because i´m a tall gringo who can´t speak spanish. but its all good. i´m getting better every day and can actually teach the people

I´m in formosa. the poorer part but its super fun. I love it. but its super humbling. our pension is bigger then all the homes we visit. It´s exciting. there are no bugs in our pension and I´d say its because of the spiders, but its nice. we dont´t have any problems with the spiders. the shower is exitcting because there is only one tempurture. boiling hot. and its on a high piont in the bathrom so the water always goes out the door. So thats always fun showing and boiling my self. but our pesnion has two AC´s so lifes pretty chill. (pun intended). We don´t share the pension with anyone either. So idk. I´m not worried about too much.

My companion is named Elder Higuera. He is awesome. he is not native. He speaks spanish pretty well because he is half mexican and lived in mexico. But he is super smart. He can  speak Greek and Latin too. so he is helping me a lot and is super nice. He is just so kind. 

this week we talk a lot of people. but since I´m brand new, I can´t say there names and nopt 100% sure whats happening with them. but, There was this little boy that told me he liked Star Wars and Legos. but that can´t get them because of money and just other sad circumstances. so on sunday I gave him my lego Millenum Falcon and he LOVED it. He like Exploded with joy. It was so cute!!! so That was so much fun to give away. But I just living it up down here in the wonderful world that is argentina. i see crazy things every day. Like two days ago i saw this cat get chased by a dog that then got hit by a car and still got up and ran away. or like my companion´s previous investigator that they had to drop ended up trying to rob a vegatable shop and the vegatable salesman pulled out a gun from his vegies and shot the brother of this man and he fled to paraguay. and I would share others, but they are super weird /graphic so yeah. It´s great here. 

I love serving and I´m thankful I can be here and help. this is my companion and I

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