Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Zanja Frenzy

So this week in argentina has been pretty fun!. Since I´m in the southern hemisphere it´s winter. So it´s been raining and cloudy and could and great!! I love it. Of course everything is muddy because this part of formosa is swampy so it slows us down because of the thick, slushy, mud. I think it´s a lot of fun. 

So along with the great weather, my companion, Elder Higuera fell in a zanja. Technically it wasn´t a zanja but it was a drainage ditch that was helping the nearby neighborhood drain water. So he stepped lightly with the first foot because he looked like dried mud. It kinda held up then he took his second stepped and just fell into it!!!! It was so funny. Me and him get along great!! So he majored in Greek, Latin, and French at Johns Hopkins so he is helping me a ton with the language!. He is super smart! Like he is out of this world! He is just so stellar. I cannot explain to you the gravity of his awesomeness!!! Me and him get a long great. So it is pretty fun. It´s literally a new adventure everyday. yeah we found the house in the neighbor that was burned down becuase there was a rapest that lived there. And I got policed searched the other day. That was exciting. But life's good ere.

The work is coming a long here too. It´s difficult because the church is an hour walk away from here so it´s difficult to get people to church. But nonetheless people are doing good. We were kinda let down this week. This Sister had been having difficulties and was praying for help when my companion and his old companion showed up. Then we visited with here and it was going great, she was reading and praying, then two days ago, she said she doesn´t want to meet anymore so that was sad. But we are praying and pressing forward. Aside from that we have several people looking into the church and it´s hard because it´s as if time doesn´t exist here and no one ever keeps appointments. But it´s whatever. 

Anyway I love it here! I´ll email later today and answer specific questions. I´ll send more pictures too. Nos Vemos

Elder Hoopes

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