Monday, August 24, 2015

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Mi prima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So these week I finally saw Hermana Safsten!!!! (my cousin) So That was so much fun! she got moved into an area nearby so I get to see her often. So it is great. This week has been just a typical Argentina week. During on lesson a gunshot is shot at the neighbors and the people we are teaching are like, "it´s an explosion, no worries" So that was fun. And in another lesson, The next door neighbor´s dog killed the other next door neighbor´s dog. So it´s crazy everyday! 

This week we had Multizona. So all the zones in Formosa met together with the mission president. That was so cool. I loved it for three reasons; one, I understood a lot of the spanish, two, I saw my cousin, and three, I learned so much about Faith. 

Faith is so powerful. with faith, we can accomplish all things. We need not only the faith to believe but to act as well. It is so cool to think of all the miracles that were performed with just faith. But Yeah I wish I could type longer and fully share my feelings of Faith. 

Sorry I can´t email more right now, but I´ll email later.
Anyway I love it here 

Live long and prosper
Love Elder Hoopes

Connor's apartment above the carnicería 

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