Monday, August 31, 2015

Fun week in Argentina

So despite it being winter, it´s like 90 and 80-90% humitity. So that is just a blast. But despite the heat, it´s been great. So I´ll talk about the fun stuff first. Since it has been super hot and I haven´t cut my hair since the first week of july, I needed a haircut. So I was like super scared because I couldn´t explain how I wanted my hair and my scherades wasn´t working well. But my hair turned out great! so I´m ready for the onset of summer. Also this week we have had this family we have been visiting with that have 5 dachshunds. It´s so fun. Well 2 of their dogs were pregnant and this week they gave birth. So there were like 15 puppy dachshunds running around with the original 5. It was so cute. It´s funny because people have house dogs, when there are like millions of strays. I can always see at least 10 dogs. They are just everywhere and I love it.  I also ate cow stomach this week.  It was kinda good as weird as that sounds. the kids love my drawings. So i drew a kid a picture of an airplane but made it that when you held it up to the light, you could see through it and see the inside. It was so cool. I´m also in a triplet this week. AND one of the local canchas has been on fire this week so the whole area is just always in smoke. It is just a wonderful adventure. And this week i got to see our mission president so I got a photo with him.

So in a more spiritual side of this week. It has been kinda a rollercoaster. So we had a lot of people loooking into the church. And we could see how it was blessing their lives. So it was good because they were progressing, then one day we lost 4 people for onereason or another. So we were upset because we could feel how much the gospel would of blessed their lives but they just decided to not acccept it. So that was sad. But the same day the last lesson, the boy whom we were teaching got up and walked out, it was weird. But then he walked back in in all white. He wanted to surprise us with him wanting to be baptized. So we will get to baptize him this Saturday. So that is exciting. Other wonderfully spiritual expirences happened this week but would be a little much to share. Spanish is interesting. Like I kinda half think. Half spanish, half Íngles. And it isn´t fun. It is interesting because the more I study spanish, the more I come to realize I´ll never learn it on my own. It is wonderfully terrifying that the way God shows himself in our lives is by sometimes showing how little we can do ourselves and that if we are to ever suceed we must rely on him. I know that we are never alone but he gives us the opportunity to struggle and grow so in our time of need, we can see his hand reaching down to pull us up. Lots of love.

So this week I also gave my first blessing in Spanish. It was weird because I was scared buit instantly she was healed. But Yeah it was great. We also had a family request us to bring them a plant so we found this awesome deathly looking plants with lots of thorns!!! So that was fun! and my companion and I both felt that we were going to be whitewashed to a new area although I´m not done with training. Then yesterday with the mission president, we were talking about anothe Elder who was going to join us becuase his companion finished his mission then he dropped a HUGE hint that we might be leaving. The companion to join us is named Elder Chuy. He was Elder Jones, Alison´s son, companion so that is a cool coincidence. He played professional soccer in Chile so he is cool. But yeah I love it here. I miss home because it´s comfortablñe but its whatever.

Here are some cool photos:)
We had some gelato today it was great! 

Love Elder Hoopes

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